MedHealth Expo: 5th International Expo for Medicine, Healthcare Products and Beauty Industry
5-th  Exhibition and Conference
Dates 15.11.2018 - 17.11.2018
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Vladivostok
Organizers "Dalexpocenter", Ltd
Exhibition's URL http://en.dalexpo.vl.ru/
Theme B.11. Medicine, Health, Hygiene, and Social Support
MedHealth Expo Primorsky Territory is emerging as a powerful point of growth in the Far East of Russia. New large-scale economic projects and remarkable investment in infrastructure have led to significant rise in the regional economy as well as increased consumption and purchasing power. With rising consumer concerns over personal appearance and lifestyle, local health and beauty sectors have been witnessing significant growth over the past few years, including development of new medical centers and high tech medical care, and increasing number of spa centers, beauty salons and cosmetics retailers. Regional consumers show growing demand for beauty and wellness services and new personal care solutions. There is also a significant market for natural and organic products, healthy food and weight management products, as well as for overseas medical tourism services. The MedHealth International Expo co-locates with ActiveLife International Expo, contributing significant cross-over attendance to this essential and comprehensive gathering of health and beauty industries.
Accompanying events ActiveLifeExpo
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 223
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 0
open air space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
space rented (total) 223
special shows space 0
net space 223
gross space 1200
domestic exhibitors 42
foreign exhibitors 0
exhibitors (total) 42
additionally represented domestic firm
additionally represented foreign firm
additionally represented firm (total) 0
visitor category trade + public visitors (T+P)
visitors (total)
trade visitors (%) 30
participant countries Russia
countries number 1
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