Territory of beauty - 2018
12-th  Specialized Exhibition and Fair
Dates 21.06.2018 - 24.06.2018
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Sochi
Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina
Organizers "SOUD" – Sochi Exhibitions" Ltd.
Exhibition's URL www.soud.ru
Theme B.06. Jewelry and Watches
Сочи – территория красоты 2017 Art of makeover. Jewelry salon: jewelry, precious metal items: cutlery and crockery, precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones items, bijouterie. Watches salon: clocks and wrist-watches, watches from precious metals, with precious stones. Diamonds, nonferrous precious and semiprecious stones. Clothes and headdress salon: stylish clothes and headgear from top Russian and foreign producers, designer’s collections, fashion industry novelties Beach fashion. Knitwear salon: woven clothes and undergarment. Underlinen salon: bed linen. Undergarment. Fur salon: fur stuff. Fur articles for your house. Footwear salon: footwear from the leading Russian and foreign producers. Children’s salon: goods for children, games, toys. Modern foodstuff for babies, preschoolers and schoolchildren. Children’s outer garments, knitwear, sports and leisure clothes, festive dresses, headwear, stylish footwear for children of all ages, goods for newborns, accessories. Fabrics and textiles salon: fabrics and textile for curtains and interior design. Hairdressing salon: goods and instruments, accessories and equipment for beauty salons, furniture and interior items, professional cosmetics and hair care means. Cosmetology salon: professional cosmetic face and body skin care agents. Aesthetic medicine. Rejuvenating and anti-age means. Peelings. Mesotherapy. Lifting. Face contour plasty and permanent make-up. Phototherapy. Injection procedures. Laser- and photo-epilation. Stretches cure and its removal. Scar therapy. Removal of moles and warts. Neoplasm removal. Agents and equipment for disinfection and sterilization. Phyto-cosmetics and make-up. Aromatherapy. Elite professional medicinal cosmetics. Beauty salons and centres of aesthetic medicine. Accessories salon: parure and accessories (sunglasses and cases, leather items, bags, belts, purses, porte monnaie, gloves, etc.). Art salon: painting and sculpture. Antiquarian salon: antique and avant-garde furniture and interior pieces. Curtain tracks and wallpapers. Fabrics and tapestry. Elite crockery, glassware cut-glass ware. Antiques. Paintings. Exclusive carpets.
Contact person Exhibition Manager:
Oksana Skorohod
tel: (862) 262-26-93
fax: (862) 262-30-15
email: oksana-s@soud.ru, sochi@soud.ru

Statistics of the previous event (2016 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 900
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 100
space rented (total) 1000
net space 1000
gross space 1470
domestic exhibitors 91
foreign exhibitors 4
exhibitors (total) 95
domestic visitors 1850
visitors (total) 1850
visitor category trade visitors (T)
trade visitors (%) 12
participant countries Belarus
countries number 5
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