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RUEF General Meeting, June 21, Kislovodsk

RUEF general Meeting hosted by “Progress” Convention & Exhibition Bureau Ltd was held on June 21, in Kislovodsk.


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RUEF Committees and RUEF Board of Directors Meetings took place before the opening of the Meeting on June 20.


Sergey Alexeev, RUEF President, UFI Vice-President, ExpoForum Vice-President, officially opened the Meeting, delivering a speech devoted to the results of RUEF work done in the period between General Meetings (January-May 2017).


The delegates were greeted by  representatives of the Administration of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District, the Duma of the Stavropol Territory, the administration of the city of Kislovodsk, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chechen Republic, General Secretary of the Italian Association of Exhibitions and Fairs AEFI Sarti Loredana.


During the Meeting issues concerning Union internal operation were discussed.


The title of Honorary Member of the RUEF Presidium was given to Yuri A. Zakharchenko, General Director of SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions, Ltd., Sochi


RUEF proudly welcomed its new member: an exhibition organizer - EXPO EVENT HALL, LLC, Voronezh region.


Mordovexpocentr Ltd. and Mordovia State University, Saransk, were expelled from RUEF members for default of payment of members’ subscription.


RUEF members approved report on finance and economic activities for 2016 year delivered by RUEF Executive Director Liudmila Smorodova.


According to the results of the routine audit 2017  RUEF Logo was confirmed for 8 trade shows for the high level of organization and high value for the economy of a region.


RUEF Logo was terminated in reference to three exhibitions, and suspended in reference to one exhibition due to the default of the routine audit.


Sergey Alexeev, RUEF President, UFI Vice-President, ExpoForum Vice-President summed up the results of the Global Exhibitions Day 2017.


The participants were presented a report “RUEF support and participation of RUEF members in the Eurasian Event Forum (EFEA 2018), St. Petersburg, January 17-19, 2018”.


At the end of the first half of the Meeting, there was awards ceremony during which the RUEF members were awarded for the contribution to the development of exhibition industry.


At the second part of the Meeting the delegates took part in a panel discussion “Exhibition industry: up to date”, with Sergey Alexeev, RUEF President, UFI Vice-President, ExpoForum Vice-President, as a moderator. The participants focused on the following questions: the ways of domestic products promotion to the local and foreign markets, regional support of manufacturers, strengthening cooperation with federal and regional authorities and trade associations. On the agenda there were also issues of exhibition marketing, further development perspectives of the Russian exhibition product, promotion of well-known brands to the regions. Among the speakers there were representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, exhibition companies, Sarti Loredana, General Secretary of AEFI.


Next RUEF General Meeting will be hosted by “VDNH” JSC, Moscow, in December 2017.


RUEF today:
84 members:
54 exhibition organizers; 28 service providers;
2 hall owners/managers only

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