Audit of exhibition statistics

"Audit is a professional and meaningful approach to conducting and participating in exhibitions, it is a real help to an entrepreneur and producer, a government official and businessman. This helps entrepreneurs to choose an exhibition where their products will be seen by the most targeted visitors, and gives visitors the opportunity to visit a truly representative exhibition".

(S. Bednov, Expocentre AO, excerpt from the article "Exhibition Audit as a Tool for Business Development")

Audit of exhibition events is an international standard of work accepted around the world!

Having passed the audit of the exhibition event, you will be able to:

  • Obtain reliable and accurate statistics recognized by the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) and the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI);
  • take the next step in creating a real customer-oriented policy based on a transparent and reliable description of the proposed product, building long-term relationships with your customers in the spirit of “win” - “win”;
  • get additional advertising: the audit results are actively covered in the domestic media dedicated to the exhibition business, the audit data is available on the largest Internet portals:,, In addition, the audit results are published in the German mareport directory, as well as in the annual exhibition statistics directory (FKM), which is distributed in 19 European countries.

Audit of the buyer's potential of the exhibition


  • the ability to assess the state of the market and the purchasing power of its buyers;
  • the opportunity to adjust the strategy of your exhibition, segments of participants on which it is necessary to focus work;
  • an opportunity to introduce an investment model of argumentation when working with exhibitors: show them the real buyer's potential of visitors, count personal ROI, with facts in their hands, convince them that at your exhibition they can EARN and not SPEND;
  • the ability to more accurately distribute your advertising and marketing budget.

RUSSCOM IT SYSTEMS - the official exhibition statistics auditor of RUEF and UFI in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries since 2005.

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